Seafood Specialties

Lazeez Shrimp Saag (GF)
    Jumbo shrimp cooked in a mouthwatering creamy spinach

Badshahi Pista Shrimp Pasanda (GF)
    Chef’s special aromatic spices, herbs & pistachio blended into a yummy sauce and finished with a dash of cream

Shrimp Vindaloo (GF)
    Jumbo shrimp cooked in a tangy garlic vinegar sauce, finished with cubed potatoes & herbs

Fish Madras (GF)
    Salmon cubes cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves & coconut milk with South Indian spices

Shrimp Kasa (GF)
    Jumbo prawns cooked in a light cream marinade with exotic Indian spices

Goan Fish Curry (GF)
    Salmon cubes cooked in a zesty coconut milk sauce with aromatic Indian spices & curry leaves

Bombay Shrimp Curry (GF)
    Shrimp cooked in a traditional Bombay-style curry sauce