Vegetable Specialties

Paneer Tikka Masala
    Fresh homemade cheese cooked in chef’s classic special creamy tomato sauce with an aroma of elegant spices

Lazeez Saag Paneer
    Fresh homemade cheese in a very healthy classically spiced blend of creamy spinach

Akbari Navratan Korma
    Fresh garden vegetables cooked in a light creamy sauce

Lahori Pindi Chana Masala (Vegan) (GF)
    Chickpeas smothered with sun-dried mango powder & onions, cooked in traditional Punjabi style

Paneer Makhni
    Fresh homemade cheese in a classic creamy tomato sauce, finished with aromatic spices & ghee

Dal Tadka (Vegan) (GF)
    Yellow lentils tempered with onions, tomatoes & mild spices in authentic Indian ghee

Eggplant Bhartha (Vegan) (GF)
    Smoked eggplant cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, green peas, turmeric & other healthy Indian spices

Dil Bahar Bhindi Do Pyaza (Vegan) (GF)
    Okra delicately spiced and tossed with onions, tomatoes & mango powder

Punjabi Aloo Gobi Mutter (Vegan) (GF)
    Fresh cauliflower, potatoes & peas cooked with ginger, onions, tomatoes & mild spices

Vegetable Jalfrezi (Vegan) (GF)
    Fresh garden vegetables cooked in chef’s special sauce with a mild aroma of Indian spices

Nargisi Malai Kofta
    Dumplings made with fresh garden vegetables, simmered in a delicate creamy sauce

Aloo 65 (Vegan) (GF)
    Potatoes spiced with curry leaves, red hot chilis, spring onions & Indian spices

Shahi Kadai Paneer
    Fresh homemade cheese cooked with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes & cumin seeds, simmered in the chef’s royal recipe